Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh, the Pain!

Coming home from a paddling trip is always a bitter-sweet experience. While it's a good feeling to once again be back in the family fold, the fact is you're no longer pumping out the heady adventure hormones. Even a few days of adventure paddling can get you hooked on these drugs. Being home is having to fight withdrawl symptoms. So I'm in a de-tox mode as I face the reality of paddling on the 'ordinariness' of my local lake: no whales, no icebergs, no bald eagles, no salty spray, no soaring cliffs, no swell, no foamy explosions on rocky shores, no feelings of going down a never-ending coastline, in short, no fun...

But there is also no dry-suit, no clammy spray-skirt, no driving cold rain, no blinding fog... mmmm... maybe I can make it through this period after all! At least, if I can make it long enough for my VISA card to recover, I can head off once again! I just gotta hang in there and deal with the pain...


Silbs said...

I hear you, Michael. For me, you can add the degradation of water quality when I return to my home waters. Sad. Instructing is the one thing that keeps me sharp when I am at home base. BTW, that is a wonderful image you've posted.

clairesgarden said...

in agreement with silbs there, photo posted on my desktop as background!!

Kristen said...

Great photo, Michael. And at the moment, while I entirely empathise with your sentiments re 'adventure', I feel that paddling's paddling!

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