Saturday, August 2, 2008

Here a Sherbrooke, There a Sherbrooke...

I was born in Sherbrooke, Québec, so when the road along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore led to the village of Sherbrooke, naturally I had to stop and have a look. The town is smaller than my birth place, but it has a history which goes back to just about the same period. Today many of the original buildings have been preserved as a living museum open to the public. Children can spend a few days at the village, dressed in period costumes and, together with similarly dressed adults, go about 'living' as their ancestors did years ago. A great learning experience!

One thing that caught my eye was a 'penny-farthing' bicycle being ridden through the village. I discovered that these bikes, with one very large front wheel and a tiny rear wheel are making a comeback of sorts. The ones being ridden in the village come from California. I didn't try one out, but they seemed to be very easy to ride and certainly given a commanding view of the road.

Ok, back to paddling!

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