Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Normal Way of Things

While cycling the other day I came across this fairly large spotted salamander, one of two species commonly found in my neck of the woods. This fellow was attempting to cross a busy gravel road and had nearly got to the far side when I peddled up to him (her?). This was remarkable given large trucks had been careening up and down the road much of the day carrying gravel somewhere. The little guy (gal?) was dusty from her (his?) adventure, but otherwise in good shape. How he (she?) had managed to avoid the wide truck tires baffles me, but I decided to assist her (his?) by lifting him (her?) to the side of the road out of harm's way.

Can you imagine paddling along somewhere we should never be, way over our heads in rough seas, when suddenly a hand reaches down, lifts our boat up and puts us down in calmer waters, safe and sound? We'd totally freak out, I'm sure. My salamander friend seemed to be made of tougher stuff. Without even a nod in my direction, she (he?) scampered into the grass towards damper ground as though getting a hand from a human when crossing busy roads was the normal way of things.

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