Sunday, November 15, 2009

Train Wreck Paddle

When I was in my teens, my brother and I took up scuba diving. It wasn't long before we'd explored our local lake and began looking for other lakes to explore. One place we never managed to get to was a small lake where it was rumored a train had been wrecked and fallen into the water. It would have been a perfect dive site, but the chance to visit never arose and soon life took over. Until this morning...

I was looking for some new geocache sites to visit when one appeared on the screen, called 'Train Wreck'. I checked the Google map. It was THE wreck from my youth! Here's the cache description:

"This cache is located near a very active train line. Do not use the train track to get to the cache. This cache is meant to be found by boat.
"This is a traditional cache, which is located underwater next to an old box car in Orford lake. The depth of the cache is less then 3m. You will need a dive mask once you get to the site. The cache is a Nalgene water bottle.
"It is recommended that you use a canoe or kayak. There are two place to put into the water.
"The government picnic area located at 
N 45º17.419’ W 72º16.136’
 fire truck water intake location at 
N 45º17.605’ W 72º15.653’ parking is available across the street.
The lake offers a nice afternoon for kayaking. A good secluded place for lunch is at 
N 45º17.765’ W 72º15.767’"

Well, well, just what I like. Two of my interests coming together to complete something left undone from the past. I'll be checking this geocache out next summer. I'll have to free dive as I no longer have scuba gear, but I'll definitely be paddling my kayak to the site.

The photo? Not a train wreck, I know, but a few more million years and this lovely scene will be a sandy beach. Those waves are slowly wrecking that huge rock...


Silbs said...

Interesting, especially since geocaching came up at our post paddle coffee get together this morning.

Michael said...

Dick - I'm beginning to think that kayak-caching could end up being a whole lot of fun. The little I've done to date is leading me to want to do more. Looks like that means some southern paddling this winter! Throw that new boat on the car roof and join me!

Silbs said...

2010 might just be the year for it. First I need to learn to make the Cetus go straight without relying on the skeg.

Michael said...

I'm working on the same skill with my new boat! Taking her south will help maintain what I've managed to learn so far...

bonnie said...

What fun!

Hey, if you can find a corner in your vehicle for some winter paddlewear alongside the Florida flip-flops & swim trunks, don't forget that you've got an open invitation to paddle at Sebago!