Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On a recent paddling trip to southern climes, I was again reminded of how birds can make our paddling outings more varied and interesting, just by their very presence. In the above shot, an Osprey enjoys a recently caught fish all the while keep an eye on me as I paddle past.
This Brown Pelican seemed to have other things on its mind than me paddling by. Was it an itch, a parasite, or just a feather or two out of place?
While taking a little break from paddling I came across this Great Blue heron strolling along in the surf looking for something to eat. The bird was totally unconcerned that people were sharing its beach. Instead, it gamely walked along, pausing now and then when a food item could be seen rolling in the surf.
So, watch the birds as you paddle. They have lots to say!

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