Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I love paddling out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. There is the working harbour with all it's fishing boats, old time schooners and fancy yachts. There are tidal marshes and gushing channels where the tide streams in and out. There are glorious sandy beaches where you can work on your surf launches and landings. There are sea cliffs where waves have been known to knock down houses perched high above the water.

A few days ago, I tried something else just out of Gloucester. I paddled a nearly calm sea out to Milk Island to see the birds. I had a lunch, admired the lighthouses on another island and then paddled back. It was a wonderful day on the water in a wonderful town of the east coast. For dinner that evening I visited a retired lobsterman and his family, who regaled us with past stories. We then chose seven frisky ones from his homeside tank to take home for supper. Delicious!
Thank you, Gloucester!

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