Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spreading Cat's Paws

When I went out paddling today, the wind was up and the lake looked cold as the grey water felt the churning it was getting. Cat's paws spread out in every direction and white caps burst out ahead of them. I decided to wear long pants instead of my shorts and I put on a wind jacket over my long sleeved T-shirt. Fall is in the air.

A few weeks ago I put back the 1 cm thick foam mat I usually have under my feet in the kayak's cockpit. I first started doing that when I paddled in the arctic, thinking the cold water would chill my feet. Since then I've done it to protect the hull from my paddling shoes and when not wearing shoes, to give my heels something more comfortable to rest on. Slowly, I'm switching over to my fall and winter paddling gear. That's okay. I love the changing seasons and wouldn't give any of them up!

As I write this today, I notice that the 'Cities' counter lists 50 places. I don't recall it ever registering that many before, so thanks for dropping by!


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