Thursday, November 1, 2007

Greenland Qajaq Guide

Adam Hansen works as a kayak guide in his town of Assiat in West Greenland. Cheri Perry and Adam spoke together earlier in the month while both were attending the Delmarva Paddler's Retreat and I filmed their conversation. I will be posting parts of this talk from time to time. It gives an interesting look at how Adam has been able to use his traditional kayaking skills to make a living for himself and his family in a new way. Instead of using his kayak as a hunting machine, he now leads interested people out onto the water to explore the Greenland coast.

This first clip is mostly addressed to Canadian Inuit encouraging them to consider a similar path. This clip is spoken in Greenlandic, a language closely related to the Inuktitut spoken in Northern Canada. The remaining clips will be in English. Remember, you too can speak Inuktitut! Visit Tusaalanga Inuktitut and start taking lessons!


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