Wednesday, October 31, 2007

65 Consecutive Days of Paddling

Here's a little photo montage of pictures taken during the past 65 days I've been paddling. It's definitely been a mixed experience with days I couldn't wait to get on the water where I stayed until the sun went down, to days when I really had to force the old bones out of the house, down the road and into the boat. Without exception, I enjoyed every single one of these days. I'm a bit worried what will happen to me when the lake freezes over...



clairesgarden said...

nice collection of photographs. can you fit some sort of icebreaker to the front of your boat? or will you have to move somewhere warmer till you complete your 100 days?
Willow looks a fine dog.
you ca clearly see in the photgraph that he has 'brown' patches and your boat is 'pink'.

Michael said...

Claire - It seems they draw the line at 'pink' dogs! LOL.
With some luck, I should complete my 100 days in early December. The lakes around here usually freeze over in mid January. But moving somewhere warmer sounds nice!