Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm back home after my brief trip to Delmarva and points in between. In the short time that I've been off Lake Massawippi, lots of subtle changes have taken place. The driveway to the cottage still winds its way through the hardwood trees, but leaves now clutter the ground. A yellow light now filters down, brighter than the somber green of summer. Birds flicker ahead of the car in migrating numbers. They too sense the changes.

On the water, Canada geese crowd the shallows, up-ended, feeding for those last few carbohydrates they'll burn flying further south. I've noticed the mallards have been pairing off. Loons still cling together with their nest mates, their plumage nearly changed into adult colours. Docks are disappearing. Rafts have been anchored close to the take-out area. I am nearly alone on the lake. Soon it will be all mine. It won't be long before even the angels will fear to paddle.


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Kristen said...

Same here! First day yesterday and even more so today of 'Autumn' - I have for the first time socks on and even a merino singlet on under my shirt in the office! And sleeves, dammit.