Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Skinny Stick Helpings

The early mornings were misty, still and already warm. As I slowly realised I was awake, I would hear mist drops which, having condensed on the pine needles high above my tent, had now reached a size too large to hang on. Down they fell, bouncing off the fly and telling me it was time to meet the world of Delmarva. Poking my head out, I'd head to breakfast, but others were already on the water, communing with whatever it is that draws us to paddling in traditional boats.

The rest of the days were filled with helping. Helping me with my new boat, my balance brace, my sculling braces and rolling. Helping wherever help was wanted, people were beside you lending a hand, a paddle, a quiet bit of encouragement, a cheer when you got it. Help paddling, rolling, speaking, making paddles, hanging out, skinning boats. Whatever. Even getting married!

Delmarva. Special people doing special things, sharing a cultural experience that's spread far from its roots without losing sight of where it came from. Makes your spine tingle!



SandyBottom said...

Where's a pic of the not pink boat?
Hi Michael, you've really shamed me now.I've sent you an offline email, questions about your SOF. I've just got to get mine done now.

Silbs said...

Looks like it was a great happening and reminded me of QAJAQ camp in Michigan this year. I hope you will post more pics.

Kristen said...

Save a tent spot for me next year!

Michael said...

Kristen - Would that be a double tent site? Surely Dawn will be bringing her SOF...? Right Dawn?

There are shared cabins available as well, but I love to tent even in poor weather. The choice is open.

clairesgarden said...

it looks fabulous. I like to stay in a tent too, I always sleep better.