Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finished SOF Kayak

Willow, my wife's French Spaniel puppy, guards my finished skin-on-frame kayak for me while I take this picture. I had painted the deck a 'Newborn Walrus Brown' motif for the trip to Delmarva, but didn't get the rave reviews I was expecting for some reason. I decided to opt for something a bit more standard this time. The hull is now a light grey, while the deck retains the Walrus Brown colour. For those of you into 'pink', you'll be pleased to see 'pink' in the picture. The rest of us can appreciate the wonderful Walrus Brown heritage clearly seen in the glowing deck paint.

Willow says she's almost 6 months old and can already fetch and do other tricks when she's asked. She's looking forward to being an Agility Dog when she's a bit older like her older brother.



Richard Hayes said...

Sweet looking, Michael - and the kayak ain't bad either!
Hey, make you a deal - come on down next summer (again!), we'll commandeer the basement at Eastport, and do two 'yaks - a VK for you and a SOF for me.

Michael said...

Rick - Sounds like another busy summer coming up!

Silbs said...

Looks super, let's have some pics of her on the water.

Kristen said...

A very fine craft, Michael - and the colour scheme's getting better and better! Cute pup, too ;)