Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paddling Baie Fine

Baie Fine, a name which probably goes back to fur trading days when large 30 foot birch bark freighter canoes passed by the entrance as they plied the waters of the Great Lakes. It's another of the many jewels of Killarney Provincial Park. It was also another destination I'd wanted to sail into during my sailing days, but it being narrow and a bit off the usual route, I could never convince my crew to enter its narrow mouth. So much for being captain...

This short video was taken last June when I finally got to see the bay in its entirety. Somewhat fjord-like and sparcely inhabited, it's a great place to paddle both for the clarity of its waters and the quiet natural surroundings. Right at the head of the bay is a narrow dog-leg channel, almost hidden from view. This deep water arm leads to an opening called 'The Pool' which is a favourite anchorage for yachts during the summer sailing season. In early June, I had the place all to myself although some cottages were open and a few folks were enjoying the same peace and quiet I discovered.

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