Friday, February 27, 2009

Heading Off On Your Adventure

There are those who think of having an adventure means things went very wrong on your trip, but somehow you managed to survive the experience. Recently two Québeçois had an adventure in British Columbia, but, sadly, the trip resulted in disaster with one person dying. I look out at the photo above and realise how easy it is to become lost when you're far from home in unknown territory and the weather starts closing in... So, as I sit here planning this summer's paddling trips I can't help but wonder if I'm really ready and properly prepared to go. What if things go wrong? Am I preparing for that possibility?

The details on the couple who became lost in British Columbia are not known as yet, but their tale once more brings home the message: while you can never be well enough prepared, you can make provisions to minimize your risks. For example, it has reminded me to always let someone know where I'm headed and roughly how long I expect to be away. That someone could be a family member, a friend or in some instances the police. I would also take a SPOT device or something similar on longer, more remote trips when cell phone service isn't available. Normally I take more food than I ever manage to eat, but I'm wondering about my medical kit. It's time to renew and even upgrade its contents again...

Let's all paddle safely and keep our 'adventures' happy ones!

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