Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rowing Races in 'Cranky' Boats

If you paddle it isn't very long before you're racing. Even solo paddlers race against themselves! People who row are the same. I know of at least two traditional rowing races held on the east coast each summer. One goes back a long way to the fishing rivalry between Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and Gloucester, Massachusetts. Now known as the 'International Dory Race', this year's event is held on June 20th in Gloucester.

A month later another rowing race, this time in Newfoundland fishing punts, will continue from Fogo Island to the Chance Islands and back. This is a tough 16 kms race on the open ocean and not for the feint-of-heart! Recently a documentary video was made showing some of the contestants as they prepared for and took part in a recent race. Check out the trailer from the video called 'Cranky'and see if you're ready to race! If you are, this year's Fogo Island Regatta race is set to go on July 28!

Fogo Island punt photo by Janice Thomson


Duncan and Joan Barwise said...

Yes, we know what you mean. We often do a circuit, launching from near where we live on the Island. What is it about the urge to do the loop faster each time!? I guess 'cause it affirms we're still getting better! Smile. Glad to find your blog.

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