Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paddling Mysteries - Part 1

One of the things about going kayaking is the frequency that mysterious thing happen. Take last weekend, for example. In the photo about a bunch of us are at the put-in getting ready to launch. We've just lugged our boats and gear in a half kilometer from the parking. For some reason, one of our troop found it necessary to have a relaxing lay down in a nearby canoe while the rest of us loaded up our boats. Can you see the head and knees showing just above the gunnels? Well, to me, it's perfectly clear who is going to be the last person launched and ready to paddle off. Or is it?

Here's the scene a bit later. Note which boat is already in the water. Note who is in that boat. Take a close look and see if you can tell which person it is. How could this have possibly happened? Well, that's one of kayaking's little mysteries, isn't it?

I'll have another mystery for you on the next post. It's even more curious...

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Rob Pealing said...

I guess organization is the key, I have noticed the same thing on hiking and climbing trips, some people have a the knack for getting their gear together efficiently. I think practice and experience helps.