Sunday, September 27, 2009

Serenity Paddling

When I bought a new kayak this spring, a Maelström 'Vaag', it was with some wind and waves in mind. The boat's rocker just begs you to take it out when conditions tend towards the rougher end of the scale. However, if this past summer has impressed me with anything, it has been its calm weather if nothing else. At least, this has been true on the days I've gone for a paddle. Only one day in Newfoundland, interestingly out of a place named 'Happy Adventure', was there much wind to speak about. That was a fun day where the Vaag really got to show its stuff!

The photo above was taken the other day on my local lake. As usual, it's rather calm... Paddle number 46 for the year and still little wind, no waves. I'm not getting rid of the Vaag, however!

Yesterday, my daughter had her university convocation ceremony. That's both my children finished their education and out in the world. I can now paddle with an increased sense of serenity knowing much of the job of child raising is behind me. I'm so proud of them both!


Richard Hayes said...

Congratulations to both your daughter and the parents. Great to see 'em all set to stand on their own...

Nice shot - Chris and I did Lawrence Pond this evening, two laps, about an hour in very quiet conditions. Just wanted to get out, and try out a new GP. Not real happy with it - too much wobble, too much cavitation - like my first one a lot more - gonna try thinning the blades down and see if that helps...SEE WHAT YOU'VE STARTED?????

Silbs said...

Same thoughts as Richard. The image embodies calmness. As for the daughters...congratulations and... they'll be back, this time to raise you. I am so there now.