Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bird of Kayaking?

Have you ever noticed that lots of important things have a bird to call their own? Sure you have. There's your 'National Bird' and your 'Provincial Bird' and so on. Birds are always attached to really important stuff.

So where's the Kayaking Bird?

Oh oh... Do we have one? Aren't we important?

Of course we don't and we are. So, I'm herewith proposing a Corvidae as our bird. Everywhere I've paddled from the arctic to the tropics, there have been crows and/or ravens. They're all black - which is big in the kayaking world (just ask a certain female paddler of world fame) and they make really cool sounds like a lot of paddlers I know. In short, they're the perfect Bird of Kayaking!


Richard Hayes said...

Yah, the crows could work - or even the ravens - but there's another species that deserves consideration.

I've seen hundreds of 'em when kayaking, and very, very seldom fail to spot at least one every time out.
Let's hear it for the Weird Birds...the ones in the boats...

Rob Pealing said...

Whilst ravens are fantastic birds and have great aerobatic skills I cannot help feeling that a water bird is more appropriate.
How about Puffins, the can fly like an Exocet missile, swim and dive and with their colourful beaks look like they are always having fun.

Silbs said...

The crow or raven works for me. Intelligent and ubiquitous.

Crystal said...

I like the idea of the crow and/or raven but we're coming up on the season where the mosquito will be the most ubiquitous "bird" in sight.