Sunday, June 3, 2012

As many are now aware, Canada has become the victim of election fraud. An illegitimate government now sits in Ottawa. If this wasn't tragic enough, this government is now proceeding to undo years of careful nation building, environmental protection and the creation of a caring society. Many Canadians are now working hard to return to the Canada we all love and want to return to.


Crystal said...

Yeah, Michael! Yeah, Canadians! I wish I'd see the same level of involvement and concern among Americans. The Occupy movement gave me hope but it seems to have lost its momentum.

Michael said...

Last summer I spent some time with Peter Yarrow (remember Peter, Paul & Mary?). We talked about how the early dreams of our generation seems to have gone astray over the years and his response was to never give up hope. Never! I was inspired by him. Good man.