Friday, February 24, 2006

Dinner with the Heros!

Arrived yesterday afternoon in 30C weather, with some cloud and wind, but nothing wild. Not the freezing weather many people had talked about.

Settled into my campsite and then went out looking for 'Kayaking Heros'. It didn't take too long before Greg and Freya showed up, then Nigel Foster and Kristin. We were 14 out to a Thai dinner in St Petersburg last night. I have yet to meet Leon and Shawna, but have seen them from a distance so I know they're here. I'll track them down today.

hey, where are all those comments!? LOL

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bonnie said...

Hi! Here's a comment!

I probably passed you on the Pinellas Bayway. Did Sweetwater have a good gang of instructors or what?