Sunday, August 5, 2007

Summer Fun

One of the best past-times when we were kids was to pack a lunch and hike into the woods to a secret swimming hole and go swimming. It's fun to know that hasn't changed. While I paddled down the rocky coast with their mother, her two children, their father and several friends hiked the coast to their favourite secret sandy beach. The wind was at our backs as we surfed down the lumpy waves and rebounds. In no time we'd covered the kilometers to the beach and for fun began weaving in and around the shoals and reefs just offshore seeing how small a space we could slip through in our boats. Then suddenly the cove filled with laughing voices and in an instant, like seals, the kids all jumped into the freezing waters of Newfoundland! Good times live on!

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Silbs said...

Interesting. I was born in the housing projects, and our secret place was a scruffy creek a few blocks away. We would spend endless summer hours on our bellies while catching crawfish and just exploring. Last time I drove by, there was a "new and better" concrete river bed there...and no children.