Thursday, August 2, 2007


There's no excuse anymore for those wishing to increase their kayaking skills by actually learning to speak the language of the original kayak builders! What better way to really wrap yourself into your favourite pastime than to be thinking in Inuktitut as you paddle.

Here's a quote from the recently available website that will make all this possible...

"Anglophones who want to learn the Inuit language can now do so with a computer, mouse and speakers, thanks to a newly launched learning website that lets learners hear the language out loud.

", which was launched Friday, offers Inuktitut grammar and conversation lessons, thousands of sound files and a glossary of more than 600 terms. The lessons, which come with sound files, show learners how to engage in different kinds of conversation, from exchanging basic greetingsto describing one's workplace, and even explaining how one's hunting trip went."

By the way, the term tusaalanga means "let me hear it" and kinauvit means "Who are you?" in Inuktitut. Login at Tusaalanga and let your lessons begin! Ataii!

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Just a quick note to today's blog to let you know that Hadas and Tomer of Terra Santa, Israel, have completed their incredibly fast paddle around Newfoundland. Good to have them home safely!

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