Sunday, April 2, 2006

Bernie Howgate in the Rain

After warm sunny days 'silasiaq marialu', perfect for 'qajaliotunni silami' it rained yesterday 'qauput' and I was forced indoors 'iluani' to do other things. I began reading Bernie Howgate's book "Lazy Days of Summer" wherein he relates his amazing paddling trip from Toronto, Ontario to his home in Goose Bay, Labrador 1000's of miles away. What an interesting character!

A perfect read for a rainy afternoon if you don't mind the fact that his grammar is as wild as the country he paddles through and the spelling errors are as frequent as his tumbling beach landings. You just have to Google for a copy of this book yourself. None of his productions are available in stores, but they can be had through an address in Sept Iles. See his site for details .

Thanks, Bernie, for letting me borrow one of your trip photos without asking!

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