Friday, March 31, 2006

Would you like ice with that paddle?

Seems like every paddler on the planet has heard about this summer's Rocky Roundabout - the ladies will circle the Rock, as Newfoundland is sometimes called, or at least Wendy Killoran will. No doubt she will be having some ice in the water she paddles!

Freya Hoffmeister, seen here in the Floridian surf will be tackling leg one, Newfoundland's south coast. Let's hope her 'all in black' outfits show up in the fog!

Wendy, paddling here on the St Lawrence last spring, will go for the whole distance. I wish them both a safe, fun-filled trip full of fabulous memories of their adventures. If you're in Newfoundland, then get out and paddle with the ladies! They're great fun and super kayakers! And if you live in Newfoundland, then I'm sure they'd love a warm shower and a meal!


Glenn said...

Cheers Michael:
I'm honoured to be the first to host Wendy and Freya as they stage in Nova Scotia to begin their expedition. Very exciting, eh?

Glenn MacKay

Michael said...


I'd say you're practically their offical press agent, driver, expedition manager, and NS host! That's awesome - not to mention very kind of you.

Keep your stick in the water!

Michael said...

Gee... there's a cottage for rent in Bradley's Cove, Newfoundland right on the water! I wonder... might be fun! Anyone want to join the party?

Michael said...

It just hit me! Freya has given herself less than 3 weeks to paddle the south coast. Won't it take more like 5 to 6 weeks to do that stretch? I wonder... I assume she knows.