Friday, March 24, 2006

Whitey's Getting a Refit!

I've finally decided how to get me a 'cheater' rolling kayak without flooding the basement! I'm going to re-fit my white SOF boat. I'll remove the skin, the stringers and the ribs and cut them all down to reduce the volume. Then once that's finished, I'll re-assemble, re-skin, paint and launch. This boat was a wicked weathercocker so hopefully I can do something about that as well, perhaps putting in a skeg keel like Petersen does in his boats. Even if this fails to improve the boat's handing in a straight line, I'll end up with a good boat to practice my growing number of Greenland rolls. And I should have it all done in a couple of weeks! Just in time for open water paddling, which looks like it may come early this year. I'm becoming a supporter of global warming, at least locally this year! It will mean having to go to the lake to practice instead of simply heading downstairs, but I'm willing to make sacrifices if I have too...

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