Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tranformation trauma!

As you can see above, I've removed the cockpit coaming and started to slice into the seam along the front deck using a utility knife. Oh, the pain! But the gain should be worth it once this tranformation to a 'cheater' hull is complete.

The skin is nearly off in this picture, only clinging by a few spots where the paint adhered to the frame. Built in 2003, I was glad to see no signs of deterioration either in the canvas cover or the wood frame. Once the skin was removed, I cut all the ribs where they joined the gunnels and loosened the keel from the bow and stern plates. I then removed the ribs, chines and keel as a unit. The next step will be to install temporary templates so that the new interior volume will give the boat it's 'cheater' shape. Then I'll re-size and bed each rib and renew the canvas, paint and paddle away, rolling as I go!

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