Thursday, March 23, 2006

Brrr's been kayaking again!

Those of you who know 'Brrr' will recognize his kayak and his favourite kayaking put-in. Actually this photo is more likely his take-out site somewhere down the St Lawrence river from his usual Montreal venue. Looking at the picture makes me wonder why I thought I had to go to Florida for some winter kayaking fun! Don't you just love the ice coated grab handle at the bow? It's so... ah... seasonal! You rock Brrr!


bonnie said...

Isn't there a famous boat race they hold on the St. Lawrence in the dead of winter?

Michael said...

Yah, there's a canoe race across the St Lawrence each winter during the Quebec City winter carnival. It's done in specialized canoes and based on the way people used to canoe out to islands during the winter to deliver food and mail etc. They now have races for women as well! Go for it!

bonnie said...

yikes. Did I mention that I grew up in Hawaii? I think that miiiight be beyond my cold tolerance limits.

Although I have managed to stretch those a long, long way from the days when I thought "cold water" was when you were happy to get out after a half-hour swim or so.