Friday, March 23, 2007

Bearing All and Hating It

Now that I'm on my way home, I've had a chance to zip down the list of bloggers you see in the sidebar - as well as a few others not listed - to see what's been going on in the world while I've been offline. Let me say I've enjoyed reading the news, the fabulous WaterTribe adventures and the interesting opinions expressed.

In a couple of cases however, I find myself reading a few lines and very quickly I start to fade out. There's not much to sustain my interest. Introspective navel gazing, seductively vague hints and dark soul-searching isn't my kind of paddling. Nor is sex for the solo paddler and the never-ending search for the perfect paddling partner. Is this what paddling has become for some people?

Have I been away too long, living and paddling in the real world, cheating on winter, escaping, soaking up the joy of exploring new water? Maybe I'm not ready for this cyber-world... Maybe that's okay, I've had a great month in the sun, met some incredible people and I have some fun stories to tell!


clairesgarden said...

gloating? you've actually been out paddling?
I could've been out paddling here, if I was braver(mad), and some are!!
I'll just have to continue my exciting life of walking to the greenhouse and back, all lonely while my kayak gathers more dust. . .

SandyBottom said...

I'm so in agreement with you on this. Enough so that this weekend I will likely update my sidebar to be a more true reflection of "my favorite blogs", and then just leave it with Derrick (who also seems to have gone off the deep end a bit these days) to maintain his very complete larger list of all paddling blogs.

Kristen said...

So well put, Michael, and thank you for that. My mouse is right behind yours and Dawn's.

Silbs said...

I plead guilty...and remind myself that mine is not a kayak blog per se. I pretty much write for myself. Still, I clearly see your point, Michael. Your stuff is right on.

bonnie said...

Claire doesn't know it yet but she's going to hate me as of the moment she reads my post from today. hee hee


On the off chance it will soothe, I will mention that I get a little twinge of envy every time she posts about those lovely horses she trains.

derrick said...

funny that. I went back and looked at my posts. 6 of the last 29 were "dark days" I'm not sure that's a bad percentage. But one thing, none of my post have been to state others suck. I can live with that.