Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rainy Day Ramble

While rainy days can often be boring, I've been taking advantage of the indoor time to put together the equipment I recently purchased to make higher quality videos out on the water. As I had the Sticky Pod and the waterproof camera lens shipped to Georgia, I had to wait until I got here to assemble the bits and try them out.

I had a little trouble getting the video camera to record, but now everything seems to be running well. Next step is to get it out on the water and film! That will happen next week, when I get to Florida. I'll keep you posted on my upcoming This Is Michael video releases (TIM videos for short!).

1 comment:

Douglas Wilcox said...

Can't wait for TIM3! You could always shoot some of it not to mention TIM and TIM2 over here in a Scottish winter!