Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All the Best, Challengers!

At 7:00 am this coming Saturday, those in the Watertribe's Everglades Challenge will launch their boats at Fort Desoto outside of Tampa and begin the race to Key Largo. It's a race, but it's also a personal challenge to see what you can do. Obviously anyone entering the race wants to finish, but mostly people seem to be in it to learn how to travel in a self-powered fashion, all the while being comfortably, graceful and of course to do all this with the highest speed possible.

There are a couple of bloggers listed on the side bar on the right who I know have entered, specifically Sandybottom and Kiwibird. Have a great race, girls! Fair winds, helpful currents, no equipment hassles and, of course, have some fun along the way!

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Kristen said...

Thanks so much, Michael! We'll try and do you proud.