Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lost in Hudson River Fog...

Photo from: dep/fgw/goospic15.htm

I'm on the road, first on I-91 and now on I-81. Maybe I'll return by I-75 as I enjoyed that route last year. We'll see where the invitations come from! LOL.

There is no doubt in my mind that the worse day a person can have paddling will always be better than driving south in unsettled winter weather. The piles of snow at home slowly disappeared by the southern part of Vermont, but by New York state, they were replaced by rain, snow, sleet and fog. None of these were bad in themselves, but the combination was nasty. I much prefer cold, clean snow like I have at home.

My sister posted some pictures of her house. Snow!

Oh well, it won't last long and the warm beaches await... somewhere!

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On another topic, the one about the important things in life, have a look at this Guide to Life. It's priceless!

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Silbs said...

Michael, head south and drive like hell or you will spend your "vacation" snowed in in the NE "territories" of the USA :>)