Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Get the Couch Ready...

You just have to know it's time to head south when your week includes things like...

• Returning my new birthday present paddle when I discovered the loom was already bent before I even opened it.

• My new kayaking scene jigsaw puzzle is finished in only 2 months even though on the box said "2-4 years".

• I got trapped for several hours on the escalator on my way to the local Paddle Shop when the power went out.

• While preparing food for one of my summer expeditions the other day, I discovered an error on the Kool-Aid box. 8 cups of water does not fit into those little packages. Not even close.

• When someone asked why I hadn't phoned 9-11 for help when I got lost while skiing the other day, I had to admit I'd cheaped out and bought a phone with no 11 key.

• I discovered I can't take M&M's on kayaking trips again. At at my age, they're just getting too hard to peel.

• But the final straw was getting fired from my part-time job at the Paddle Shop, all because I'd failed to print labels for the Nalgene bottles. Hellllooooo!!!.... Nalgene bottles won't fit in their printer!!

So all I have to do now is track the incoming storm paths and decide if it's to be I-95, I-81 or I-75. I kind of like the latter as it's got the longest Canadian section. As well, I have a place to stay in London, Ontario the first night, but then it might be best to head south more directly. Tomorrow is decision day... So get the couch ready in case I suddenly drop in!


clairesgarden said...

holiday fever strikes again!
you'd have to be very lost to need a couch here but you're welcome!!

Silbs said...

Take a detour and enjoy the southern great lakes here in milwaukee...and we'll do better than just a couch. Just pack a dry suit.

Michael said...

Gee Dick, now you tell me! I'm in Pennsylvania already and the drysuit's at home! LOL I'll send you some Florida sand to toss around.

Claire, I'll save that invite! You just never know when it will be taken up!

bonnie said...

PA? Oops, already past me!

Have a great time.

Rainy & yuck around here, but we've had a few consecutive warmer days. I just wonder how many we need before I can get out WITHOUT the special sharpened lanyarded screwdrivers.