Wednesday, March 7, 2007

No, I'm Not Lost!

But I am paddling down the west Florida coastline! Seagrass, manatees and birds, lots and lots of birds! And hardly any wilderness internet! Yeh!


Silbs said...

Just paddle safe...

bonnie said...

Sounds great,, particularly...the being electronically disconnected.

I'm always a little surprised - not a lot surprised, but a little - with how little I miss the internet when I can't get to it.

Unknown said...

have fun now. blog about it later. cheers.

Douglas Wilcox said...

When I was in Berneray in the Outer Hebrides back in July, we found a little community centre that had a satellite internet link. It was actually quite useful to get a weather update.

Have a great trip Michael.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
Those Manatees are very special creatures arne't they. We were out with them some years back.
Sounds like you're having a great trip!