Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Too Hot, Too Soon

Our dishwasher bit the dust recently, so while we debate whether to repair (again) or renew (my vote), I get to do dishes each morning. Today I watched the thermometer go higher and higher as I washed. Finally, it was 24°C and rising faster than the sun. I went to the lake before it dried out.

I like this time of year because now that the kayak is in the boathouse, it's easy to head out for a paddle on the spur of the moment. Today there were difficult decisions to make, however. By the time I got there, dishes done etc, the temperature had soared to 31°C! The water temperature was at 2°C. So definitely a drysuit day, but what to wear underneath?

I finally put on light fleecy wear and went for a little swim to see how it felt. Not too bad. I slowly got chilly, but I felt I'd have lots of time to self-rescue if I happened to tip over. I put the boat in the water and headed out.

Three people waved at me, nearly a record for my lake. The weather must be getting to folks. One lady, clad in the briefest of bikinis was attempting to paint her boathouse in full view of some fishermen who persistently tried to catch something off her dock. She seemed amused. A bunch of college students, also dressed for the hot weather, rollicked on the public dock. I sweltered in the drysuit. Every now and then I had to stop and splash water on my face and neck to stay cool. I guess I'm not ready for the sight of so many bikinis just yet!

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clairesgarden said...

apologies, I ordered up the hot weather for my holiday.