Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blow Me Down!

It's been blowing hard these past two days making for some decent waves to play in - finally. My lake seldom seems to stir itself up too much, but I've had some funout on it at last thanks to the 20 kph winds. Yesterday I made some videos of the boat pounding upwind, turning in the waves and then surfing downwind. I'll edit them down a bit and post something on, that video cyber-wonderland.
Today I just went back and forth seeing if I could scare myself in the waves. Not really. Even paddling parallel in the troughs and turning 180°, where I usually run into trouble, showed that my skills have improved, no doubt due to the increased time I've spent on bigger water than usual this past year.
I think I'll go out again tomorrow!

1 comment:

clairesgarden said...

you have fun paddling, keep safe though!