Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Renata's Voyage Ends

As I look at my kayak's bow waves in the picture, I know unless I keep paddling they will soon edge in towards the hull and eventually, as the boat comes to a stop, they will cease. My voyage will be over. On Friday, Renata Chlumska's bow waves will swing in towards her hull and her incredible voyage will also end. A voyage which, by kayak and bicycle, has taken her around the mainland USA.
Naturally people will wonder why anyone would take such a trip? What pushes some people to take on challenges like that? It's an odd question, actually because all of us know life is better when we push ourselves to do things we see as challenges. Sometimes these are big and showy, with web pages and interviews and all that sort of thing. Other's know their challenge is just getting through their day. Either way, both answer the question of 'why'. Both are equally selfish: everyone needs to find life's meaning in order to make their lives worthwhile, to feed their souls, to soar with the eagles.
So good for you Renata. I'm glad to know you met your challenge and I wish you luck on your next goal, whatever it might be.

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bonnie said...

Isn't that just too cool?