Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Picture Update

I decided to change my profile picture. After all, this is another year of blogging and a bit of house-keeping is probably in order. The previous picture dated back to the Spring of 2005 when I went paddling out of Kamouraska, Québec looking for whales. This new one was taken automatically by my camera during one of my video shoots from the foredeck. I like the picture as it will serve to remind me to continue experimenting with the deck camera mount and to keep exploring the range of photographic possibilities. My videos put up on YouTube (see right column) each tackle the video environment in a different way. I know they don't represent great photography, but hopefully they do indicate that I'm making some advances in my technique to some extent.

I usually paddle on my own these days as not many people are still on the water at this time of year, so I'm looking forward to paddling with some new friends on Lake Champlain in early November. These people are real 'frost-biters', two having paddled in the Antarctic and one in Greenland. Buying that drysuit a few weeks ago is all starting to make more and more sense, especially when the money bag was starting to feel a bit pinched and I was all in doubts over the purchase. Not any more!

The picture above was taken a few weeks ago as I played hide and seek under the over-hanging spruce tree shore flora. It's always good to know where the hide-outs are should the water-cops show up with harassment on their minds...

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clairesgarden said...

hope you have a good paddle with your friends, nice layer of thermals on under your new drysuit!