Friday, April 20, 2007

Just Add Some Honey, Honey

There isn't a soul on the planet who hasn't experienced a shitty day. We all get them and we all do our best to deal with the causes. That's the way it is.

Here in Canada, farmers, especially those with cattle know all about shit or to use a more polite term, 'manure'. Hence the photo above. When the dung is flung at you on a daily basis, why not come up on the bright side of life and fight back with humour. Hence the 'Honey Wagon'. In the far north, it was the 'honey bucket' you sat on, and 'honey bags' you lugged out on the sea ice. In the spring time, when the bags refused to head out to sea on the tide, people organized a 'honey shoot'. We used old WW II ammo for that one, gratefully donated by the tax payers of Canada.

So, the Canadian way to deal with a very bad day, is keep your chin up, deal with it as best you can and do something to put a smile back on your face.

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clairesgarden said...

well I think humour is an essential ingredient of being a stickleback entertainer. .