Sunday, May 7, 2006

Here and There

Years ago, when I was a young boy, my friends and I would come to this spot each Spring to collect frogs eggs in the shallows by the grass. We'd take them home and sometimes to school to watch them go through their stages. When I got a bit older, we would play pirates in this same spot. We all had row boats and would make surprise attacks out of the creek mouth, descending upon unsuspecting passers-by and threaten them will all manner of horror. We never caught anyone one, but pretend pirates seldom did. It wasn't the point.
Still later when we graduated to motor boats, we discovered a hidden log just off the creek mouth. It was sticking up from the bottom and could catch the odd motor boat, breaking its shear-pin and giving us that pleasure that comes from knowing something hidden to others.
Today, I still paddle up that creek each Spring sort of to check on things, see what's the same, what's changed. Until recently I would come here at the request of my children. We'd come by canoe so we could all share in the pleasure of visiting this special spot in nature. Both children have lives of their own now and no longer live at home, but I'm sure they're thinking about this creek and the pleasures it has given all of us over so many years.
I went there today. The frog eggs are just appearing. The log is still waiting for the unsuspecting. I was the only pirate present, but I could feel the others. Their spirits were there. We all had a grand time, and then I paddled home!

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derrick said...

Nice post Michael,

Next time you'll have to put a mast on the kayak and raise the old "Calico Jack"!