Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kayaking for the Da Vinci Code and the Grail!

Have you been been to see the movie yet? Neither have I. Probably won't need to with the real thing so close at hand...
You see the Holy Grail was secretly (naturally) taken from it's hiding place in Europe years ago and hidden in Nova Scotia ( that's 'New Scotland' - you get it?). Yes, I know - incredible, but there's more. Have you noticed that several more or less unknown kayakers have been making curious connections with Nova Scotia this summer? Have you noticed that they have suddenly - for no obvious reasons to most of us - set out on 'expeditions' which each begin with Nova Scotian links? Well I have. Surely this cannot be coincidental? Occult things like this never are. Every little nuance is important and part of the mystery. Just like The Last Supper painting, we need to take a closer look at the picture in front of us.
And, sure enough, there's more still. Two of the 'expeditions' have somehow discovered quite apart from each other, that the Grail has more recently been moved to a location somewhere along the coast of Newfoundland (again notice the 'New' in the name. What other reason could there be for calling it 'new', except to link it New Scotland! Clever, eh?) Which in turn explains why would anyone want to paddle such a desolate and barren coastlines when Florida, for example, remains still above sea level in the midst of Global Warming, is warm, has huge cuddly alligators and is always sunny? Surely we're looking at Quests for the Grail in these stories! These paddlers are, in fact, modern Knights!
One 'seeker', an academic accompanied by a Germanic Knight all dressed in Black, has already begun the search along the south coast, although without apparent success to date. The other pair of 'seekers', both young and keen eyed Knights, are keeping a very low profile, probably due to their having mono-syllabic names. Little is known about them or their steeds other than a brief trip report of their Prior search along the Cape Breton shores of Nova Scotia. Lastly, a sole female paddler-Knight - with links to the Holy Land - and with a very mysterious Name is searching for the Grail along Iceland's coastal shores. Perhaps she knows something the others don't, but I doubt it. The Grail is definitely in the New World, brought here and carefully hidden by the T-Knights of Olde. I refuse to believe it would have been returned eastward. To what possible purpose? The Holy Land connection is troubling though, I do admit.
The big question we're all now asking is will any of these people find the Grail? Will it change their lives if they do? Will we all be changed? Or will we continue to paddle as we always have, seeking our own Contentment and solving our own Mysteries as we always have? Only time will tell, but I think I know where my Grail lies. Of course, that's my Priory secret, isn't it! Good luck finding yours...
And thanks Monty Python for the neat castle pic!

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