Wednesday, July 5, 2006


I went hiking on Monday along a favourite trail our family has done usually at least once a year since our children were toddlers. So it's a trail I know really well. This year, thanks to our new 'monsoon' weather, the trail was a slick as a greased pig and I got victimized! Coming down, I hit a spot of Bucky-ball mud and managed to badly sprain my left wrist on impact. No paddling for me for a few days... Boo-hoo. Oh well, there's always - and I mean always - the internet!

For example, why not try visiting the Greenland Qajaq blog from Sisimiut, home of Maligiaq Padilla, where this year's National Championships are being held? Should be fun for all!

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clairesgarden said...

thats a shame doing your wrist in, hope it gets better soon,
I enjoyed your tales of kayaking adventure, nice to get out and do and see.