Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ottawa River Weekend

There's a sweet spot on the Ottawa River west of the city of Ottawa. It's a spot above Arnprior where the river narrows and divides into several channels and bays. The current and the wildlife conspire to make for some very pleasant paddling.

While there recently, even the weekend didn't produce many boaters. Mostly it was a few fishers and some locals heading out to some quiet spot, perhaps to a sandy beach or a quiet bay to spend the day. Geese were gathering and trying out their wings for the coming journey south. A baby black bear frolicked in the woods along the shore and then tried it's swimming skills in a current rip between two islands. A brilliant red flower in a secluded bay turned out to be a Cardinal Flower, poisonous it turns out from root to flower. Pretty all the same.

Sadly we had no money for refreshments in Portage, but the barman was kind. Cokes were on the house, but we declined his offer. It wasn't easy to finally head back to camp at the end of the day.