Friday, December 8, 2006

Return to Tasmania

Andrew McAuley is our neighbour down the road where we get our maple syrup each spring, four gallons of it. Good fellow, good syrup! He shares his name with another Andrew McAuley who recently left the east coast of Tasmania in an attempt to paddle to New Zealand, about two weeks away by kayak. His story is a remarkable one which most of us can only stare at and shake our heads. It's like climbing a horizontal Everest.

After paddling 80 km out from shore he realised he was in trouble. All the months of prep and planning suddenly halted due to the unanticipated cold water in was travelling through. He wisely turned around and is now back in Tasmania where, no doubt, he will solve the cold water problem and set out once again.

You can read a very interesting and detailed account of this trip by visiting Laurie Ford's site. Just click on her name for the link.

Just makes me shudder. Steaming hot coffee with a touch of brandy, some pancakes and lots of warm syrup seem in order, so I'll cut this post short!


Silbs said...

Michael, thanks for revisiting this event. There are lessons for us all in what Andrew did and the hard decision he made. Now, with the temp at 20F and climbing, a few of us are heading onto Lake Michigan (launch sites are ice free down here). Not exactly Tasmania, and for that I am glad.

clairesgarden said...

very brave guy, and I do think coffee and pancakes would suit me too.