Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forgotten Muscles

After a long winter without dipping a paddle into any kind of liquid, it was a great relief to finally go paddling again. It came on this lake in northern Georgia, one of many flooded mountain clad valleys formed to create reservoirs for the Tennessee power grid.

Out on the lake, I realised that no matter how much skiing I had done this past winter, many different muscles are used to paddle, muscles which have been resting on the back burner for these past several months. On the water, I was soon reminded of that when first I eagerly headed out. I quickly reminded myself that it's a good idea to take it easy and not cripple myself with over-enthusiasm. Sadly, I'm not one who likes going to the gym during the winter to stay in overall good shape, preferring to ski and paddle instead to stay reasonably fit. I'll slowly be paddling my forgotten muscles into shape in the coming days until I return to where I can once again paddle comfortably from one end of a day to the other. Tough work, but I've done it before...

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Chris and Jane said...

Hi Michael

I found your blog a little while ago and thought I would post a comment.

We still have ice here in Uummannaq but I am looking forward to the paddling "season" starting perhaps late May/June.

Somewhere, buried on my blog full of dog and family stuff, you can find some kayaking stories too.

I am enjoying your blog.