Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rings of Stone

Part of the pleasure one takes from reading kayaking blogs comes from the fascinating places the bloggers write about. They're not always about places near the water, but interesting nonetheless. Here's an example close to where I live.

The town of Stanstead lies right up against the Vermont border and has been famous for its granite quarries and stone cutting and polishing facilities for many years. Recently the town has been commissioning stone sculptures which are appearing around the town. The picture above is the latest - and biggest - creation: a ring of stone in the manner of those erected in ancient times in parts of Europe.

The stones are massive, many of them reaching up two or three times my height. I'm not sure if care was taken to place them in celestial alignments, but the site does make an interesting place to visit when you're in the area. I suppose the stones will be taken over by closet Druids saving them the trouble and expense of trans-Atlantic travel during their various annual festivals. The radiating plants are buck-wheat planted in the spring to add an additional effect, especially from the hillsides above the site.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi Michael, this is what exploration is all about, I fear I pass so many things without fully appreciating their significance.

Tony said...

Nice blend of fall colours too Michael.

Tony :-)