Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cape Breton In Winter

With the 'winter that never was' following the 'summer that never was' I decided to go in search of colder, snowier venues. What better place to look that Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island? Alas, it was milder, and even less snowy than my own home. However, the trip was well worth the effort for a whole host of reasons! If you've never gone there, don't be turned off by the winter. The place is beautiful - just look at that photo and tell me differently - and the people are warm and friendly.

This photo is looking south towards Cape Smokey and St Ann's Bay on the eastern side of the Cabot Trail. Gorgeous in winter and I'm already looking ahead to paddling along its shores come summer!

Oh, and I found my first Nova Scotian geocache thanks to a friend's sharp eyes!


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I have to agree Michael. I haven't kayaked near the Cabot Trail but certainly have been around it a few times. It makes me homesick but glad you are enjoying. All the best.


Silbs said...

I must say, Michael. You make winter a whole lot more bearable for me, and you inspire me to keep going.

Anonymous said...

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