Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodbye Winter, Goodbye!

Winter appears to be on the way out for another year in my area. Normally I wouldn't be saying that for another six weeks or so, but this year abnormally warm temperatures have been with us since the end of January. Looking at the lake ice today, I'd say it's melting fast. I could be paddling on the lake by the end of the month if current conditions persist. That would be two to three weeks earlier than usual.

In the meantime, there have been things to do! I repeated my snowshoe climb of Mt Megantic again. Conditions were similar to last year, although the melt was underway from bottom to top of the mountain. This mountain has one of Canada's biggest observatories at the summit. Sadly peasants like me don't get to observe the cosmic wonders available to viewers inside the building, but just the naked eye will provide quite the view at this altitude.

This last photo is my way of saying 'Goodbye winter, goodbye'!

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Silbs said...

We're in the 40-50s F, and fog is reluctantly yielding to rain. Let us know if you get the bug and head south. Eldest daughter is moving to DC area which opens up all sorts of excuses for a trip.