Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wondering what to get for the kayaker you know who never actually gets out on the water, but loves to tell stories of the wild times he/she had? Well, if they have a iphone or ipad, then here's just the thing. iKayak! Silly, but it did help pass the time for a while on that 15 hour to and from flight to Asia I took recently. All the fun of the real thing without getting out of your seat, changing into a drysuit or wondering where the take-out is. Just start edging your craft and the rest is taken care of!


Tony said...

Michael, I think around here there are people who never get out on the water but want everyone to think they are kayakers. They are the people who buy kayak racking systems and put them on their cars just look cool. These are people I don't recognize or never see on the water.

Tony :-)

Michael said...

I agree totally Tony. I see kayaks racks at the local golf club, but only see them during lunch on Friday so I don't think they play golf either. Strange, isn't it?

Ken said...

I have iKayak too. But check out a much better iPhone game: Extreme Sports Kayaking.