Monday, May 30, 2011

The Compleat Kayaker

Over the years I have slowly been evolving to meet any and all conditions while I attempted to paddle my kayak in places far from home. Here one can see what's happened during this voyage of discovery. First the kayak, mounted on it's long distance delivery system. Next comes the home away from home where the paddler, that's me, rests between bouts on the water, and last, the local delivery component which also doubles as the put-in scout vehicle, the foldable micro-transporter which allows me to venture here and there peddling between various bits of kit and caboodle which most paddlers carry about with them for reasons known mostly to themselves. It's been known to bring food and drink in as well!

It all seems to work rather well, amazingly enough!


Tony said...

Michael, I have it all wrong with yardwork, house repairs etc, etc. I have to figure out how I can free myself from some of this stuff.

Tony :-)

Michael said...

It's true Tony that one needs to be willing to give some things like the items you mention in order to hit the road to paddle. Life is a compromise isn't it?

Danniel said...

Nice site for kayaking. This is definitely an adventure of a lifetime.