Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Changing Times

While on a trip to Florida recently, I happened to put-in at a outfitter who sold Hobie Cat boats. One was a kayak called a Revolution 11. What attracted my attention was the interesting combination of propulsion options available using this craft. It could be paddled, sailed and peddled!

I took a demo ride and was instantly hooked. Since bringing it home I been able to paddle, peddle and sail this fun little kayak. I love it!

That said, I won't be selling any of my other kayaks anytime soon. They are still my true loves, but times are a'changing and I'm happy to see where they take me...

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David said...

A kayak like that definitely would come in handy when paddling in the salt water marshes in northeast Florida. It can get windy and choppy in no time.

Crystal said...

You did it! Congratulations. I want to see photos and reviews.